Lovely Reader,

Hi there! I’m so glad you found your way here. 

My name is Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzy–take your pick.

& this blog is just a small outlet that I use to voice whatever bounces around in my head. 


I remember the first diary I ever had. It was pink with a gold locket and a key. The tiny diary matched my tiny hands + my 6 year old heart loved to write my thoughts and create stories as my mother drove us to school each day. Since then, words have been my fascination and I feel humbled that I was bestowed such a gift. 

Among writing, I find myself spending time…

– drinking coffee -pursuing my faith -blaring latin jazz music -searching for the perfect lipstick -obsessing over the color red -passionately pursuing the people around me -dreaming about roses -wishing I knew fluent Spanish -taking photos!!! -being a wifey & loving it -scanning wines on the Vino wine app -and God knows what else…

When I stop and reflect, I see life and the people around me and I think “How could I ever have a bad day?”—that is what I hope you feel like after leaving here.



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