One Word




If you could choose one word to apply to your life for this year, what would it be?

That’s what I’m challenging myself to do for 2016.

One grand night I stayed up late scrolling though devotional plans on my YouVersion and saw one that caught my eye: One Word That Will Change Your Life. It peaked my interest, so I said what the heck, I should try this. The idea is to minimize your focus on the one word to let it teach you, challenge you and  grow you in all aspects of your life. Sharing it with others is key, because you gotta have accountability. And yep, i’ll be taping post-it notes of this word everywhere to keep it on my mind at all times.

After much prayer, God gave me the word

P A S S i O N!

Like the word love, this word can be overused and misunderstood.

I started doing in depth research on the word passion and where it came from. It derives from the Latin word passio and is closely related to suffering. I pulled info from multiple sites and the redemptive death of Jesus was in almost every origin of the word passion. [(neeeeeaaatttt 🙂 ]

When I think about passion, I think about intense love or devotion. If some one says to me,

“Music is my passion.”

“Traveling is my passion.”

or “Science is my passion.”

I’m hearing

“I love music.”

“I love traveling.”

or “I love science.”

I’m not hearing “I’m suffering for music.” But indeed, our passions, when true, require endurance and great sacrifice. This makes passion so inspiring, strong and *sigh* beautiful.

In 2016, I’m praying for a deeper passion for Jesus, the relationships in my life, art and health.

I’m counting on all the amazing people in my life to hold me accountable to this mentality this year. Join me on this word journey, too!



Now, enjoy photos from last night that I actually really like–





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