A Tribute to my Husband

As the month of October approaches, I am reminded of the weekend two years ago when I came to visit you for the first time. I remember the cocktail of emotions that was mixing around inside of me. The excitement, curiosity and infatuation that was growing for you daily–even hourly.

I vividly recall the image of you sitting on our dear friends porch as you waited for me to step out of my car. Being 235 miles apart from each other, this moment had been on our minds for 2 months prior.

Later that weekend, you told me:

“I never want to tell anyone else that I love them.”

And that sentence struck me with both shock and yet, peace. It was appalling to say such a thing–yet a little river of tranquility was running through me. I knew I’d be loving you until death, as they say.

You loving me, is really the best.

You bless me with your love that is passionate and loud. Then again with your heart that is tender. And more with your richness for life. Because of you–I dance much more. I cry for deeper reasons, because God knows love is challenging and heavy. When I decided to be your wife, I was brought into a painting that extended on and on–this journey of marriage.

And though that crossroad was frightful–with me undone to my core–cocooned in fear. You responded with words like, ” You are beautiful. Always.”

I’m unsure where I would be if you weren’t there to help me walk through own personal dark forests. You make loving me seem effortless–and I know, if anything, that it’s not.

I am complex.

I am sensitive.

I have a never ending trail of questions in my mind–and you’re patient to answer them.

I praise God that He has stitched you into my side.

I celebrate you today and everyday. I celebrate that years ago, God dreamt you up and created your strong, romantic heart. I celebrate that he directed our paths and intertwined us in the most wonderful way.

I celebrate all the joy that is to come from being your wife.

Happy Birthday Alexander.





^^^^^^ October 2016


^^^^^ January 2018







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