Fleeting summer


IMG_3812 copy
“Before summer passes us by so fast again,
Before I miss the sun,
Before fireworks become dust
And the creases of my hands
wrap around gloves and breath blown into them,
Summer, stay awhile.
You slowly make way to me,
Then dance fast and far away–
Leaving me with stories of late nights
and water-bound wisdom.”

— E.C.

There is a a certain sweet, adventurous spirit in Florida during the summer. A spirit that is free and inspired. We put aside a day at the beach to capture the mood and came up with some

tropic/mod/but kinda retro photos..

E N J O Y!

IMG_3311 copyIMG_3313 copyIMG_3318 copyIMG_3324 copyIMG_3337 copyIMG_3366IMG_3372 copyIMG_3378IMG_3385IMG_3396IMG_3354IMG_3407 copyIMG_3412 copyIMG_3423 copyIMG_3425 copyIMG_3464 copyIMG_3480 copyIMG_3489 copyIMG_3487 copyIMG_3559 copyIMG_3563 copyIMG_3579 copyIMG_3584 copyIMG_3595 copyIMG_3596 copyIMG_3605 copyIMG_3665 copyIMG_3676 copyIMG_3683 copyIMG_3692 copyIMG_3700 copyIMG_3742 copyIMG_3748 copyIMG_3770 copyIMG_3799 copyIMG_3808 copyIMG_3810 copy

May your summer days be captivating and uniquely yours.